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Melinda & David have been leading Wilderness Trips into the backcountry for over 15 years with the belief that nature is healer.

They use the natural environment and natureʼs process as a guideline to their aesthetics. They encourage reflective work that attempts to rekindle an ancient rapport with our natural heritage. This creates an intimacy through movement.

Open to 12 participants we will guide you out to the rugged beauty of the high mountains and into the hidden terrains of body wilderness. Retreats generally last 3 to 5 days. The veterans trips are for people who have attended one retreat before. Each year we design one trip for new people to introduce the format and materials used to structure the time spent together.

The RSVP Cycles, a way of collectively creating together, designed by Lawrence, Anna, and Daria Halprin, is our frame work in creating this structure.